Our Process

1. The concept

The concept is the springboard for the entire project.  After taking a detailed client brief we put together the concept presentation.  This includes spatial planning ideas, interior style suggestions for all key areas and relevant material samples.

Our concept is discussed and fine-tuned, in collaboration with the client, with the aim of ensuring that it is completely aligned with their personal tastes and lifestyle requirements.

2. Design Development

Once the concept is agreed we work in the studio to develop the design.

At this stage we delve into the detail, developing the interior layouts and producing technical drawings alongside schemes and samples for all the rooms. This is put into a comprehensive presentation alongside a project costing, detailing the fittings and furnishings for the project, for discussion with our clients.

3. Design Detail

Design is in the detail and we work hard to ensure that the third parties we work with uphold the same standards as us in terms of quality and longevity.  Without the relationships we have nurtured with the best tradespeople, craftsmen and suppliers worldwide, the breadth and quality of our design work would not be possible.

We take pride in efficient timekeeping and excellent organisational and communication skills which are all essential to keeping a multi-faceted interiors project on time and on budget whilst relieving any additional stresses for the client.

4. Final Installation


We take a meticulous approach to the projects we deliver to our clients, overseeing installations, quality checking every single detail as well as styling the furnishings and plumping the cushions.

We want our clients to do nothing but smile when they see the finished result.

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